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A visual artist and expressionist, Minika grew up surrounded by nature and its many elements. Driven by passion and innovation, her artistic and cultural upbringing inspires her work and are heavy influences on her creative expressions which feature a lot of play with lights and shadows.

Growing up in Calabar, a society rich in colorful and flamboyant cultural experiences, was indeed a great influence. She started exploring art from an early age and fell in love with that form of expression. 

Discovering more about art drew her into the beauty industry where she rose to become one of Nigeria’s top makeup artists, her style of make-up ranging from soft to expressive and artistic looks. 

Minika is constantly exploring life’s journey and sharing it through various media. She considers the human body as one of her canvases to share these stories. Her art is bold, colorful and reflective of her rich African heritage. 


Minika captures history and heritage and shares the idea of a world of possibilities. 

She speaks of love and hope.

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